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Beyond Words Workshop posterBeyond Words: Body Language at Work

We have all heard it said that Content is King, however, there is so much more to our messages than is conveyed through the actual words that we use.  Body Language is always a highly entertaining speech topic, but is also always extremely informative.  Whether the focus is on increasing your sales by understanding your customers messages more clearly, gender communication differences, working with and through others more effectively, or how to spot deception we can all benefit from coming to understand the secondary messages of others more clearly. 

Bragging Rights Course PosterBragging Rights

For most people the word Brag is simply another 4-letter word!  However, in the busy and hectic work-world of today, competition for opportunities can be fierce, increasing the need to become more effective in our self-marketing skills.  In short… our ability to Brag better!  Learning to create your own Brag-bites and use them effectively to heighten your visibility can be a key skill in helping you to not only stand out but to move up.

The Introvert/Extrovert Dilemma…

There is a growing body of research highlighting key differences between introverts and extroverts extending well beyond the basics of ‘who talks more’!  Coming to understand and appreciate these differences, not to mention capitalize on them, can significantly help groups and work teams work together more cohesively and effectively.

Gender Differences – Key Distinctions in Communications

Perhaps not big news that men and women are different but definitely an important difference to understand to lead, coach and work with each other more effectively.  Men and women have very different communication styles which can lead to misunderstandings.  Ask any married couple!  Coming to understand these differences enables us to communicate more clearly and work together more effectively.  Always an entertaining topic for discussion!

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