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Leadership Expert



Cindy ‘s energy is boundless – she is a powerful speaker that forges a bond with her audience through storytelling. She engages a narrative style that draws from her personal experiences in leadership and personal development that challenges audiences and holds them captive. Cindy helps today’s senior management …and tomorrow’s leaders understand their own self-imposed barriers to success and the steps they need to undertake to make change in their personal live and professional careers.

"Leadership is critical to an organization’s success and yet few organizations are truly cultivating and rewarding it.  If you want people to work toward a common goal then it is not enough to be able to state clearly what that goal is… you need someone who is able to share it, who is able to make people see it, believe it, feel it, want it, someone who is able to show ‘how’ to go about getting it" Cindy Dachuk Leadership Breakthrough Expert


Cindy’s life experiences have helped her focus on helping others achieve their goals and realize their full potential. As author of It’s Time Now: Choose the Life you Really Want, and now, her newest book,  Stop This, Start That she emphasizes creating the skills and habits needed to be successful ….in your professional and personal life!  She has drawn on over 25 years of experience in leadership, training and speaking to help people achieve their success goals in life.
Her newest book is your catalyst for change … it offers you 365 unique ideas to help you achieve the success you are looking for in your personal or professional life. The ideas may be big or they may be small depending on how you choose to interpret each and how boldly you plan to integrate them into your life. They are designed to spark a new direction for you and to help you take that next step on the path to success. Each idea is deliberately written to be clear and succinct so that you can spend more time implementing the idea than in reading about it – because it’s the action, not the knowledge, that will take you where you want to go.

  • Each idea is limited to a one page description

  • Each has been carefully  considered to keep it short & targeted so you can quickly pick it up

  • It’s designed to make sure you put your energy  into implementing, rather than reading

  • The ideas are purposefully random to allow discovering what you need, when you need it.

  • It contains 365 ideas for achieving your success

  • Some ideas may get you thinking differently

  • Many will stimulate some good conversations

  • Many of the ideas spur you to taking action, to creating your vision of success


Cindy’s career has spanned more than 3 decades, from Social Worker and Behaviour Modification Specialist, through Human Resources in large Multi-National firms to founding and operating her own Training organization.

Her programs on: Beyond Words: Body Language at Work, Leadership Presence, Bragging Rights, Personality Based Persuasion and others, have been implemented as a catalyst for change within such organizations as CIBC, Canadian Tire, Lindt & Sprungli Chocolatier, Rhodia Chemicals, Royal & Sun Alliance BMW Canada, CAA, Canadian Tire, Royal & Sun Alliance, Sanofi Synthelabo Pharmaceuticals, Xerox and CTV to name but a few.

Cindy’s B.A. in Psychology and her varied corporate management experiences has prepared her for authoring and facilitating many of the programs she designs and presents.

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