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Titan Training Events are designed and implemented by Cindy Dachuk and her team. Cindy’s current special events include Beyond Words and Success Camp. These programs are tailored to a high level of leadership management individuals or groups and focus on physical, emotional and psychological signals and cues that affect how others view us. Events include her unique strategy of focusing on the 3 V’s , the three ways in which we communicate that (when combined) determine the actual takeaway message of our audience. Event strategies revolve around making our messages more consistent – generating more credible and memorable messages.

Beyond Words: This two-day intensive event is designed specifically for business professionals who want to get more out of their careers and who want to move past words and take action in realizing their true potential!

Success Camp: Imagine all of the greatest Leadership Lessons distilled down into one training program, providing you with everything that you need to be, to become a more purposeful, powerful and passionate leader. That’s what you get in this jam-packed, intensive 4-day training event.


Cindy’s life experiences have helped her focus on helping others achieve their goals and realize their full potential. As author of It’s Time Now: Choose the Life you Really Want, and now, her newest book,  Stop This, Start That she emphasizes creating the skills and habits needed to be successful …in your professional and personal life!  She has drawn on over 25 years of experience in leadership, training and speaking to help people achieve their success goals in life.  Cindy’s writing style provides readers with real world solutions’ for career building, personal development and leadership evolution. Cindy’s books provide everyday examples and tools to help make life altering changes and leadership growth the focus of success strategies. Her writing reflects many of her personal experiences ranging from black belt karate expert and world traveler to international speaker and training program designer.

Stop This, Start That: Her newest book is your catalyst for change … it offers you 365 unique ideas to help you achieve the success you are looking for in your personal or professional life.

Effective Meeting Management: In this valuable ebook you will learn the 10 most essential steps to organizing and running effective, productive meetings.

It’s Time Now: it’s all about learning how to live more fully, completely and joyfully, for people who want to make personal or professional changes within their lives.

Managing Energy, not Time… to Increase Effectiveness: This ebook is designed to take a completely different approach to the age-old time-management dilemma by showing you how managing your energy, instead of focusing on managing your time, will help you get more done, in less time!

Programs & Tools

In designing original Leadership and Management training Cindy Dachuk, President of Titan Training, utilizes a unique set of programs and tools to develop customized learning solutions. Cindy is an innovator in the way she applies these tools sets and integrates them into the learning process. The integration of good instructional design and her brand of engag9ing narrative make her programs highly sought after. These results oriented programs along with their supporting tool sets reflect in-depth ongoing research into the changing strategies of leadership in modern management styles.

Bragging Rights: This program has been developed specifically to help you become more adept at promoting yourself to help you get promoted.

Branding Yourself for Business Success:  This program provides you with insights into what your existing brand is, helps you to determine what your desired brand is and specific strategies for eliminating the gap that exists between the two.

Personal Branding: The results are consistent – those people who deliver strong, positive, confident images and impressions are more successful and receive more opportunities. We work with organizations and individuals on their professional impact and image.

Personality-based Persuasion: This program takes the more ‘traditional’ Influence training a step further by introducing the concept of Personality. By learning about personality, and what styles are more effective and when, participants come to understand when their natural style will be effective and with whom.

Prevue Coach: Based on the personality and interests inventories of the ICES Plus Assessment, the Prevue Corporate Coach tool is designed to provide general work related information to be used as part of a structured coaching or mentoring experience.

Understanding Style Difference - for Individuals: This half-day program is designed to assist individuals in gaining insight into their preferences for how they interact, work and associate with others.

Understanding Style Differences – for Teams: This full day program moves participants through an understanding of their individual style preferences to an examination of the impact of individuals on the performance and success of the whole – the team.

Your Executive Presence: This program is designed not only to share information and insight into the fundamental components of Leadership and Executive Presence, but to give participants specific and personal feedback about their personal presentation and to provide them with strategies for strengthening and refining their image.


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