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Prevue Assessment

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The Prevue Assessment is an extensively validated assessment providing a suite of reports designed to assist in selecting, managing and coaching your human resources. The strength of the product lies in its potential multiple uses, making it a cost-effective addition to your human resource management strategies.

  • With its job benchmarking capabilities Prevue predicts applicants’ job-fit, providing key interview questions for further probing.
  • Prevue Assessment can be used to enhance individual and team understanding of Interpersonal Style Differences that can impact relationships and other success factors.
  • Job Benchmarks can be utilized to enhance corporate career development and succession planning processes.

Other Features of Prevue Assessment

What it Measures: Prevue Assessment contains a measure of three fundamental elements:

  1. General Ability Scale – which is calculated based on the individual’s speed and competence in working with Words, Numbers and Shapes.
  2. Motivation Scale – which measures the three aspects of an individual’s interest in work involvement including; Working with People, Data and Things.
  3. Personality Scales – Which measures key personality traits for the purpose of predicting an individual’s behavioural habits and preferences.

How It Works

The Prevue Assessment measures eight dimensions of Personality, which are grouped under four major personality scales and Prevue Assessment can be administered either 

  • By paper and pencil
  • On-screen with in-house software
  • On-line, through the internet

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